After driving out of the rim of the Ngorongoro crater, we finally arrived at the Southern Serengeti. But we were not alone. The tremendous herds of zebra and wildebeests  were with us, and we could not go far without encountering massive groups of them. The experience of being surrounded by the Great Migration was incredible. I’ve never felt so fully immersed in nature than driving alongside a stampede of wildebeest.
Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-31 Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-30Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-32Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-34With only a brief stop for lunch in the middle of the bush (with the zebras only a few meters away), we arrived at our destination, the Nomad Serengeti Safari camp. The camp was amazing – it’s a mobile camp that follows the migration, so you can see animals from the veranda of your tent. The tents themselves were lovely, and nothing like my prior tent experiences (Algonquin Park canoe trips, Bonnaroo…). In addition to actual beds, our tents had “eco-loo” toilets – because you legitimately cannot go outside at night to pee because there are lions (for real, I heard them!) They also had bucket showers, where a bucket above you is filled with water and you pull a handle to release it over your head – pretty fun!

Every day while we were in the mobile camp (3 days) followed the same pattern. Up to watch the sun rise at 5:45am and drink a quick coffee on the veranda, then in the van with our amazing guide Nathan to spot game, stopping for breakfast in the bush. Below are just a few highlights of the game we saw over our three days:  many lions, a cheetah with her kill, and the birth of a baby wildebeast that then learned to walk. We’d then go back to the camp, for lunch and a siesta, followed by another game drive in the afternoon once it begins to cool down again. Our day would end watching the sun set, gathered around a fire pit, recollecting some of the amazing moments of the day.

Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-55LionsCrater + South Serengeti - Screen-43Around CampCrater + South Serengeti - Screen-70Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-65Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-63Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-62Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-47 Crater + South Serengeti - Screen-48